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Leah + Nathan

Bob Marley said "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet"

Meet Leah and Nathan. Two of the most fun loving little people I have ever met. The day of their portrait session, the skies were well and truly open and the rain was not going to let up. So, not to be put off... we headed out to feel the rain.

When was the last time you just felt the rain? Not running inside from it, not dashing to get clothes off the line, not sidestepping puddles. Just let it rain and feel it on your skin.

I run, I dash and I sidestep because most of the time I have a small child on my hip or clothes that need dry and wet shoes just annoy me! But this day, it all went out the window and I simply played and and watched two little people feel the rain.

Do you love Leah and Nathans fun in the rain? Leave me a comment below and "Share" it on Facebook and Twitter!

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