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Lauren + Martin

I recently spent some time Melbourne. It is my favourite Australian city. Not least because my oldest, dearest friends live there! I was born in Melbourne and lived there until I was 9 when my family moved to Brisbane, though I still feel like Melbourne is where I grew up. I love it. I love the culture, the people, the landscape, the city and yes... even the weather!

My visit happened to coinincide perfectly with a very special birthday celebration which I happily attended.

Meet Joshua!

On his first birthday celebration, he was surrounded by his gorgeous parents, Lauren and Martin, his Grandparents, Aunt, Cousins, close friends... and his own personal professional photographer... me!

Martin and Lauren met in Luxenbourg and travelled the world together before celebrating their wedding in Sweden where Martin is from. With his Dad's family so far away, little Joshua is well familiar with FaceTiming with them and just about exploded with happiness when Martin's Father called during our portrait session.

This mini portrait session took place in the front of their sweet little Melbourne cottage and I just love them!

This sweet little man is going to have some awesome travels and adventures in life that is for sure! He is one little go-getter and I am so pleased that I was able to capture this little man on his very 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Joshua!

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