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I'm going where.....?!?!

Well, life certainly does like to throw you some surprises sometimes doesn't it!

Out of the blue, my family and I are moving to Montreal for a year!

I can safely say that I am completely ill-prepared for a Canadian Winter, have no idea how cold -20C actually feels like and am not entirely sure we know anything that we are in for at all.

But... bring on the adventure I say!

So what does this mean for Rhubarb Photography? Well, it means that I will be spending the year enjoying a fabulous new city with my kids, doing some Continued Professional Development, some business development, learning some new techniques and skills that will bring me home an even better photographer.

What does this mean for you! No sessions will be held in Brisbane between October 2016 and September 2017. On my return, look out for an incredible "Welcome Home" offer for all of my old and new clients. This will be a not to be missed opportunity!

Why don't you follow along? Along with my usual social media channels Facebook and Instagram I now also have a new adventure Instagram which is going to be our daily adventures exploring our host city for the year!

So hold tight, I am most definitely coming back in Spring 2017 and cannot wait to get straight back into photographing Brisbane's best families. You can email me anytime or get in touch through social media... I'd love to hear from you and keep an eye out for those "Welcome Home" specials that will be announced mid 2017!

Now... wish me luck! Two kids under 5 on a 23hr international flight, -20C, snowboots, snowsuit, snow-anything... I have no idea what I am doing!

Helen xx

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