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Leisa + Russell

Most families don't need to pack their passport when getting ready for their family portrait session. But that's exactly what Leisa, Russell and Alice had to do!

Back in January I received an email from Leisa in the UK. They were heading down under in March for a family holiday in Bargara over 350 km's north of Brisbane. Leisa grew up there and her family still call it home. They had yet to capture a special family portrait since their beautiful 5 month old baby girl Alice had been born and they gave me the honor of doing that for them.

The combination of perfect sand beach, heavy black rocks and soft sand dunes was the perfect location for their portraits.The end of the cyclone season threatened rain but held out all morning for us giving the most beautiful cloudscape. I love it when mother nature gives us something so stunning to play with.

The right choice of location is crucial for family portraits to look amazing. A beautiful location that means something to your family makes those portrait so much more. Not only are they beautiful portraits of this lovely family, they are memories for Leisa and Russell to share with Alice a world away in the UK. She may be growing up far from her Mothers roots here in Australia but she will always have these portraits to show her where she comes from and that she is truly loved.

It's a lovely feeling knowing that I have fans of my work both near and far. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations both within Australia and overseas as a photographer capturing weddings and family portraits for some very special couples and families. It was such a wonderful few days I spent with Leisa, Russell and Alice and I'm so pleased to have created something so special for them.

Leisa, Russell and Alice are now back in the UK after their well earned holiday. I love knowing that they have their portraits as such a great memory of their time here. I can't wait to see a pic of them taking pride of place on their walls.

Thank you so much Leisa and Russell for trusting me with your family portraits. It's not easy to trust someone on the other side of the world with something so special. It was an honor and pleasure to meet you.

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