What is Project 52?

In late 2019 I photographed an amazing family in my all time favourite location. It was perfect.

On my way home from the session it occurred to me that I had been photographing families in this location for over 10 years and as I passed by a stunning grassy field I had a thought. I want to explore more. I want to discover more. 

I thought of all the stunning locations in and around Brisbane and Sunshine Coast that I am yet to discover and all of the beautiful and unique families I am yet to meet.

Put them together and I thought..."Hey... I could photography 52 new families, in 52 new locations, in 52 weeks". I get to discover more, meet more and focus more on those families and so Project 52 was born. 

Get this.... $520 (or $10/week) for a session, fine art matted prints plus the matching digital files and a custom gallery app on your phone. No fuss. Add extra prints, digital files or wall art if you want to but there is no pressure. UNFINISHED